Dam Safety

The Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant has a Dam Safety Plan in compliance with Federal Law No. 12.334, which governs dam safety in Brazil. The actions contemplated in this Plan are periodically monitored by the National Energy Agency (ANEEL).

One of the preventive measures included in the Dam Safety Plan is structure monitoring, which is considered one of the best equipped in the country – with 1,976 instruments, of 12 different types, which periodically assess the performance of the concrete structures (Water Intake, Spillway and two Powerhouses), the 28 dykes that make up the Intermediate Reservoir and the Pimental and Belo Monte dams.

In addition to the instruments, field monitoring is also conducted during weekly inspections of each of the structures. Seven verification lists are employed in the case of the dykes, for example, where several safety items are carefully assessed, thus providing an overview of the current condition of each structure.