Norte Energia Delivers 5,500 Mosquito Traps to Help Fight Malaria in the Xingu

Publication Date: 02/26/2021 10:00

To strengthen the fight against malaria in the Xingu region, Norte Energia delivered 5,500 mosquito traps with long-term insecticide to the 10th Regional Healthcare Center, linked to the Pará Public Health Secretary (Sespa). The initiative is part of the Malaria Control Action Program (PACM), coordinated by Sespa, developed by Norte Energia in partnership with the government of the State of Pará and local municipalities.

The program has already provided for a historic drop in malaria cases of up to 99% in the region comprising the five cities in the Plant's area of influence: Altamira, Anapu, Brasil Novo, Senador José Porfírio and Vitória do Xingu.
Of the more than 5,000 mosquito traps, 1,000 have already been distributed to residents of the municipality of Pacajá, 250 to Senador José Porfírio and 600 to the Special Indigenous Health District (DSEI), headquartered in Altamira.
In early April, the head of Senador José Porfirio's Public Health Secretary, Edla Cristina Costa, coordinated the delivery of 40 mosquito traps to the Ressaca community and another 30 traps to Ilha da Fazenda, in Volta Grande do Xingu. 
“Mosquito traps are key in preventing the disease. They prevent the population from being exposed to the mosquito, as they already come with the repellent. The rural communities were very glad to receive the traps. They were prioritizes since they are a major focus of mosquito outbreaks”, commented the public manager when talking about the positive impacts of PACM for the traditional Xingu riverine population.

The municipal administration is currently organizing the delivery of the remaining 150 units to the Itatá, Mocotó and Acesso 6 villages, which are also located in Volta Grande.