Painting Dreams

Publication Date: 09/15/2018 12:00

A group of women has been making a difference in the Jatobá Collective Urban Resettlement (RUC), one of the five neighborhoods built by Norte Energia in Altamira. They take part in the painting on fabric course, promoted in partnership with the city's National Rural Learning Service (Senar) and begin to reap benefits in the form of colors, lines, designs and income generation for their families. 
The president of the RUC Residents' Association, Maria Mota, 52, says that the activity, carried out in the Multipurpose Tents built by Norte Energia in the new neighborhoods, aroused the artistic essence of women of the most diverse age groups and provided them, in times of economic distress, with a profitable occupation. 'They really wanted to take this course and we strove to make it happen. It is so rewarding to see the joy and growth of these women', she comments, adding that some students – currently 16 in total – are already selling the pieces they produce in their new neighborhood "studio". 
Lúcia Tavares, 55, a homemaker and mother of three children, is one of the new students. "This is a beneficial opportunity. Here we get to interact with neighbors and we also learn an occupation, while our children practice other activities", she explains. 
According to community leader Maria Mota, Norte Energia has been gradually offering several leisure activities and professional courses in the resettlements, in addition to the actions under the Demonstrative Learning Unit in Environmental Management (Udama) project, which should start soon at the Jatobá RUC. The program offers dance, capoeira and gymnastics classes, as well as courses for income generation at the açaí and soap factory. "This provides residents an additional income, access to basic healthcare and it is also fun for the children", the community leader states.