Corporate Governance

The Company bases its management model on the transparency and sustainability of its business and, therefore, seeks to constantly improve its corporate governance practices. It also adopts a series of actions to ensure that business is conducted in an ethical manner, as well as the sharing of decisions.

Norte Energia periodically reports on its activities and performance, presenting data reviewed by independent external auditors. To that end, the disclosure of the Company's results follows the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Board of Directors, Executive Board and Audit Board

The governance structure of Norte Energia is formed by the Board of Directors, Executive Board and Audit Board. The Board of Directors is advised by six Committees, composed of shareholder representatives and Board Members.


Responsible for defining the long-term strategies of Norte Energia, the Board of Directors monitors the execution of actions taken by the Executive Board and makes decisions on matters relevant to the business, in accordance with the responsibilities conferred by the Company's Bylaws.

The Board is composed of a maximum of 12 full members and an equal number of alternates, elected at a General Meeting. 

Pedro Luiz de Oliveira Jatobá -  Chairman
Jonatan Ross - Alternate
Ney Zanella dos Santos -
Waldenir Alexandre da Silva Cruz - Alternate
José Roberto Bueno Júnior -
Patrícia de Carvalho Moreira - Alternate
Fábio Lopes Alves  -
Antônio Carlos Reis de Souza - Alternate
Roberto Parucker -
Jader Fernandes de Jesus - Alternate
José Maria Rabelo -  
Carlos Alberto Nolasco - Alternate
Nélio Henriques Lima -
Sergio Tadeu Nabas - Alternate
Solange Maria Pinto Ribeiro -
Marcelo José Cavalcanti Lopes - Alternate
Ricardo Mendes  -
Larissa Campos Breves - Alternate
Luiz Eduardo Barata Ferreira -
Alessandra Genu Dutra Amaral - Alternate
Marina Freitas Gonçalves de Araújo Grossi -
Leonardo Rocha - Independent

Committees to support the Board of Directors

Representatives of each shareholder participate in the six committes,  that support the Board of Directors of Norte Energia S.A. in the definition of strategic and operational guidelines on specific topics. They include:

  • Financial Committee - Responsible for the analysis of processes to select financial service providers and studies and proposals required by the Board of Directors regarding financial services.
  • Technical Committee - Responsible for the analysis of processes to select the suppliers of engineering, supply and construction, and the progress reports for civil works, supply and assembly.
  • Environment Committee - Responsible for the analysis of processes to select suppliers of environmental services and progress reports on fulfillment of the environmental constraints.
  • Management Committee - Responsible for the analysis of processes to select suppliers for administrative services and of remuneration and benefits policies.
  • Audit, Compliance and Risk Committee - Responsible for the analysis of policies regarding the Company's annual audit plan, external audit reports and financial statements with their respective opinions.
  • Regulation and Trading Committee - Responsible for monitoring and elaborating studies, opinions and technical notes on the regulation of the power sector, current marketing rules and their amendments.


Acting on a permanent basis, Norte Energia’s Audit Board acts as an oversight body for management actions of an economic and financial nature. It is composed of five members and an equal number of alternates, elected at the General Meeting. The Audit Board reviews the financial statements and investment plans, among other tasks. 

Luís Felipe Monteiro Serrão - Effective
Fernanda Mª Vieira Lima Schuery Soares - Alternate

Astrogildo Fraguglia Quental - Effective
Open - Alternate

José Victor Vieira da Silva Sousa - Effective 
Open - Alternate

Michelle de Frias Braz - Effective
Thiago Souza de Lima - Alternate

Aloísio Macário Ferreira de Souza - Effective
Rubens José Della Volpe - Alternate