Ethics and Corporate Integrity

Norte Energia is committed to maintaining the highest levels of professional and ethical standards in conducting its business.

We commit to continuously develop our employees' awareness of the need to fight corruption, in any of its forms, money laundering and illegal practices, not subjecting ourselves to any situation or influence that involves bribery, extortion, payment of kickbacks, operations of concealment of revenues or money laundering and other illegal practices.


The Company bases its management model on the transparency and sustainability of its business and, therefore, constantly seeks to improve its corporate governance practices.

Norte Energia's governance structure consists of the Board of Directors, Executive Board and Fiscal Council. The Board of Directors is advised by six Committees, composed of representatives of shareholders and members of the Board of Directors.

You can learn about the Governance bodies and their members by clicking here.


Norte Energia recognizes that compliance is an integral and fundamental part of its business activities, promoting the principles of integrity and transparency in professional relations between employees and with third parties of the Company, establishing a culture of integrity common to all parties involved.

The Integrity Program developed by Norte Energia complies with Brazilian Anti-Corruption Legislation and best market practices.


The mission of this program is to establish mechanisms for preventing and combating corruption, as well as maintaining an environment of ethical behavior in the Company. The following documents stand out among those that comprise it:

i) Integrity Program Manual, which presents the program's structure, guidelines and regulations; 

ii) The Code of Conduct and Ethics, which details expected behavior and guides the ethical conduct to be followed by employees, managers, and business partners; and

iii) Conflict of Interest Policy, which qualifies the types of relationships that are considered conflicting.


Norte Energia has a Reporting Channel, which is an independent, confidential and impartial tool available to the Company’s internal and external stakeholders, especially for matters regarding deviations from the Company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics.

To access it, call toll-free 0800 941 9667, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or access the website: