Current Transducer - Closed

In November 2017, Norte Energia began the "Current Transducer" project, with the objective of developing wireless equipment to measure the dynamic current and monitor energy and/or asset conditions at the Pimental HPP. 

R&D Project Title: Development of a current transducer with wireless interface and self-powered by the magnetic field for monitoring the condition of induction motors of auxiliary generation systems.

ANEEL Code: PD-07427-0117/2017

Estimated execution period: from 11/2017 to 11/2019

Project Status:  Closed 03/2020

(i) Measure current for the purposes of energy monitoring and/or asset condition monitoring; 
(ii) Have a wireless interface with a remote viewing and/or recording device; 
(iii) Be self-powered by the magnetic field of the measured current itself, without connection to the electrical system through external sources and power cables; 
(iv) Be able to synchronize with other meters or use of a real-time base, allowing the correlation of measurements from several transducers in the same time base.

Description: Development of a current transducer with wireless data transmission and self-powered by the magnetic field to monitor the condition of the induction motors that drive the fans of the Pimental HPP's cooling system through 
Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA). From ESA, it will be possible to remotely monitor the operating conditions of the induction motors, allowing the maintenance team to act in advance, avoiding unscheduled shutdowns.

Product produced: current measuring device for monitoring energy or condition of machines (can be applied throughout the industrial sector). 

Estimated Investment: R$ 2,236,128.86.

Entities Involved (execution):Gnarus Institute and Jordão Consultoria e Projetos LTDA-EPP.