Development Of a Methodology for Calculating GHG Emissions - Project Underway

In May 2019, Norte Energia began the "GREENHOUSE GASES" project for the purpose of developing a methodology for calculating net Greenhouse Gas emissions from hydroelectric reservoirs. 

R&D Project TItle: Development of a methodology for calculating net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Belo Monte HPP reservoir.

ANEEL Code: PD-07427-0119/2019

Estimated execution period: 05/2019 to 08/2022


Compare emission rates before reservoir closure with emission rates after reservoir closure;

Measure the GHG emission in the reservoir phase considering: the rates of gases that escape when passing through the turbines in operation; seasonal variations in gross GHG flows; diffuse emissions downstream of the dam and carbon sedimentation at the bottom of the reservoirs in a permanent manner.

Through such measurements, develop a methodology for calculating net GHG emissions. The possibility of working with real GHG emission data will provide greater accuracy to the results, even allowing the use of the calculation methodology to be extended to other reservoirs.

The project foresees conducting measurements of greenhouse gas emissions in the reservoir phase, at different seasonal moments, considering the first measurement in the commissioning phase and the second measurement with the venture operating at full load. The results will be compared with the data observed in the river phase, in order to measure the contribution of the two reservoirs to GHG emissions.

The data that will be obtained may help in Brazilian electricity sector planning, considering the social and environmental obligations related to the mitigation and compensation of impacts; contribute to environmental impact studies for ventures in the feasibility phase; and promote discussions with the Brazilian Government regarding climate change.

Product to be produced: methodology for calculating net emissions from hydroelectric reservoirs (which can be replicated to other reservoirs) before and after filling a reservoir.

Estimated Investment: R$ 3,313,887.77

Entity Involved (execution):  Coordination Foundation for Projects, Research and Technological Studies  – COPPETEC via UFRJ – Federal University of Rio De Janeiro