Laboratories at UFPA study fish of the Xingu

Another ichthyofauna preservation measure was the construction of two laboratories linked to the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) to monitor and develop activities designed to support the Xingu riparian population.  The work focuses on promoting fishing as a source of income for the community, while respecting the cultural relations involved.

The two laboratories are foreseen in the PBA and located on the UFPA Altamira campus. The Fish Species Identification Analysis Laboratory began its work in 2014, while the Laboratory for the Development of Techniques to Raise Ornamental Fish in Captivity and Aquariums was completed and began functioning in 2015.

Norte Energia maintains a database on species of ornamental and migratory fish in the Xingu region, as well as fish for consumption, for the purpose of storing the ichthyofauna monitoring information.