Fish Transposition System allows fish migration

Implemented in Pimental, the Fish Transposition System (STP) is a 1,200-meter-long channel that allows fish migration to continue along the Xingu River. The mechanism creates currents that attract the animals to the channel so they can surpass the dam and also has walls that provide areas of low water velocity and allow the fish to rest.

The STP's monitoring has already recorded the passages of more than 2 million fish, representing 186 species, demonstrating that the system is fulfilling its objective of maintaining river connectivity to a wide range of fish.

The Fish Transposition Mechanism Deployment and Monitoring Project is part of the Ichthyofauna Conservation Program under the Belo Monte PBA, which also includes projects for Ichthyofauna Monitoring, Incentive for Sustainable Fishing, and Ichthyofauna Rescue.