Water quality in the Xingu River

Under its commitment to ensure the maintenance of life, fauna, ichthyofauna, flora and the riparian communities of the Xingu, Norte Energia conducts a continuous water quality conservation and monitoring project for the river. 

Since the beginning of construction work, over 57,000 surface water samples have been collected for analysis of the physical-chemical and bacteriological parameters, from upstream of the Xingu Reservoir to downstream of Belo Monte, in the river and the Xingu reservoir, as well as in the Deviation Channel and the Intermediate Reservoir. In addition, 1,395 of the total samples were collected in the streams of Altamira. 

This constant water quality monitoring confirms that the Xingu River has maintained, since prior to filling the reservoirs, a Class 2 freshwater classification according to the Brazilian National Environmental Council (Conama) classification system.