Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation Plan

Purpose: Monitor, manage and conserve the fauna and flora of aquatic environments, thus allowing the systematic study of the effects of the Plant and, when necessary, the execution of actions to manage and protect the aquatic ecosystem.

Flora Monitoring Program

  • Alluvial Forests Monitoring Project
  • Pioneer Formation Monitoring Project

Program for the Conservation and Management of Aquatic Habitats

Ichthyofauna Conservation Program

  • Taxonomic Research Project
  • Icthyofauna Rescue Project
  • Aquaculture Project for Ornamental Fish
  • Icthyofauna Monitoring Project
  • Sustainable Fishing Incentive Project
  • Project for the Implementation and Monitoring of the Fish Transposition Mechanism

Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Program

  • Monitoring Project for Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Mammals
  • Monitoring Project for Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Avifauna
  • Crocodilian Monitoring Project

Chelonians Conservation and Management Program

  • Bioecological Studies Project (Adaptive Capacity of Chelonians in the Colonization of New Areas)
  • Chelonian Ecology Research Project 
  • Belo Monte Chelonian Management Project