Interface Projects Members of the Integrated Management Plan of the Grand Tour of the Xingu

Goal: Monitor and conserve natural resources, including fauna, flora and landscape elements. 

Program for Deforestation and Cleaning of Reservoir Areas
Deforestation Project
Timber Market Capability Design and Wood Certification Project
Demolition and Disinfection of Structures and Buildings Project
Conservation and Management Program
Flora Rescue and Scientific Use Project
Germplasm Bank Formation Project
Landfill Forest Monitoring Project
Wildlife Conservation Program
Wildlife Frightening Program
Saving and Scientific Utilization of Fauna Project
Project for Mitigation of Impacts for the Loss of Individuals from Fauna by Road
Project for the Control of Endemic Diseases Transmitted to Wildlife
Terrestrial Invertebrate Surveying and Monitoring Project
Project Monitoring Herpetofauna
Avifauna Monitoring Project
Monitoring Project for Terrestrial Mammals
Monitoring Project for Chiroptera
Program for Assessment and Monitoring of the Subterranean Fauna
Cartographic, Photographic and Collection and Storage System of Speleological Elements
Environmental Compensation Program
Creation of Conservation Units Project
Project to Support Actions for the Implementation and Management of an Existing Conservation Unit