Terrestrial Ecosystem Conservation Plan

Purpose: Monitor and conserve natural resources, including fauna, flora and landscape elements.

Reservoir Area Deforestation and Cleaning Program

  • Deforestation Project
  • Timber Market Capacity Design and Wood Certification Project
  • Structure and Building Demolition and Disinfection Project

Flora Management and Conservation Program

  • Project for the Salvage and Scientific Use of Flora
  • Germplasm Bank Formation Project
  • Forest Monitoring Project for Terra Firme

Land Fauna Conservation Program

  • Land Fauna Scavenging Project
  • Project for the Rescue and Scientific Use of Fauna
  • Project to Mitigate Impacts from the Loss of Fauna Individuals Being Run Over
  • Project to Control Endemic Diseases Transmissible to Wild Fauna
  • Land Invertebrate Survey and Monitoring Project
  • Herpetofauna Monitoring Project
  • Avifauna Monitoring Project
  • Land Mammals Monitoring Project
  • Chiropteran Monitoring Project

Subterranean Fauna Assessment and Monitoring Program

Program for the Cartographic and Photographic Recording, Storage and Collection of Speleological Elements

Environmental Compensation Program

  • Project for the Creation of Conservation Units
  • Project to Support Deployment Actions and Management of Previously
  • Existing Conservation Units