Investments in education benefit over 20,000 students

During deployment of the Plant, Norte Energia implemented 78 projects to reinforce the education structure in the five municipalities surrounding the venture. Over 304 classrooms were built and remodeled, directly benefiting 23,200 students. 

In addition to the classrooms, important teaching spaces were also built, including 38 computer rooms and 34 reading rooms. The investments also included the donation of equipment and furniture required for the schools to operate, such as student desks, chalkboards, teachers’ tables and chairs, air conditioners, computers, lockers, drinking fountains, refrigerators and industrial stoves.

Norte Energia also promoted five training courses for teachers in the municipalities of Altamira, Anapu, Brasil Novo, Senador José Porfírio and Vitória do Xingu, totaling 1,458 participants.