Greater structuring of the Public Safety srea with support from the Belo Monte HPP

Since the beginning of work for the Belo Monte HPP, Norte Energia has already invested around R$ 125 million in public safety. The actions benefit the municipalities of the venture’s area of influence and are foreseen in the term of technical and financial cooperation signed with the Pará state government, in May 2011.

The investments, on the order of R$ 125 million, were destined to strengthen the region’s public safety structure and include, among other initiatives:

  • Purchase of a helicopter;
  • Remodeling of the barracks of the 16th Military Police Battalion in Altamira;
  • Rental of 50 new vehicles for service to 11 municipalities – five from the Direct Area of Influence and six from the Indirect Area of Influence of the Belo Monte HPP;
  • Donation of 34 motorcycles, 2 buses and 1 aircraft refueling truck;
  • Conclusion of the temporary building for the Legal Medical Institute (IML) of Altamira;
  • Deployment of the Altamira Monitoring System via video with 50 cameras, with another 10 being installed.
  • Construction of a prison with a capacity of 612 inmates in Vitória do Xingu.