Six new neighborhoods in Altamira

Historically, the three streams that cross the city of Altamira were lined with stilt houses – simple suspended homes made of wood, which suffered with the variations in the level of the Xingu River. During the rainy season and the river’s flood season (the “Amazon winter”), thousands of families were obligated to leave their homes due to flooding. This is no longer a problem today.

The construction of five new neighborhoods in Altamira was foreseen in the PBA and completed in 2015. Jatobá, São Joaquim, Casa Nova, Laranjeiras and Água Azul house 3,500 resettled families. A sixth neighborhood, called Tavaquara, was completed in 2019, with another 150 houses destined for families of urban indigenous and fishing families. 

A total of 3,800 homes were built, which measure 63 square meters in area and have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. The houses have ceramic flooring and roofing tiles, concrete slab construction and finished bathrooms. Houses were also built for people with special needs and provided to the beneficiaries, according to families identified by social services.

The new neighborhoods have a comprehensive infrastructure: sanitation, potable water network, electricity, public lighting, paved streets, special sidewalks for those with special needs and schools. Norte Energia also equipped the neighborhoods of Jatobá, São Joaquim and Laranjeiras with Basic Healthcare Units (UBS).