No indigenous lands flooded

The evolution of the Belo Monte HPP project, resulting from over 35 years of studies, ensured the integrity of the 12 territories - 1 indigenous area and 11 indigenous lands - occupied by the indigenous populations of middle Xingu, ensuring that not a single inch of the over 5 million hectares occupied by 9 different ethnic groups was flooded by the reservoirs of the Plant. 

In addition, the Basic Environmental Plan – Indigenous Component (PBA-CI) has been guaranteeing fundamental rights and promoting quality of life for some 4,000 indigenous people through actions that strengthen the ethnic and cultural characteristics and their traditional activities, as well as promote territorial, environmental, cultural and food safety. They are also helping to overcome the historical difficulties of these populations.

The execution of the projects that make up the PBA-CI intends to provide traditional communities with tools that strengthen their sustainable development, acquiring better knowledge on the areas they occupy and on more efficient ways for preserving their culture and environment.